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Sino-Korea Petrochemical completes trial of domestic catalysts and saves one million yuan

Time: 2020-12-16

On September 17, the JPP unit of the Sino-Korea Petrochemical Polyolefin Division completed the long-term trial of domestic catalysts. During this period, the reaction parameters were stable and the product quality was qualified, almost consistent with the performance of the imported catalyst. This article is reprinted and released by Shanghai Wuyue Safety Valve Company; Shanghai Wuyue specializes in the production of various safety valves, the main series are spring safety valves, pilot safety valves, fluorine-lined safety valves, stainless steel safety valves, high temperature and high pressure safety valves, power station safety valves, etc. , And provide relevant product technical support for users for life.

JPP is the first domestic production device to introduce Japanese polypropylene technology. Since the start of construction in 2013, it has been using catalysts imported from Japan. It has a long procurement cycle, expensive, and exclusive supply. Sino-Korea Petrochemical started the trial work of domestic catalysts in 2015. After several tests, the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology has improved the catalyst formulations, and conducted short-term tests in the production of various brands, with good results.

This trial started on August 18 and lasted 30 days. The JPP device developed a thorough trial plan, and the experts from the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology and the catalyst manufacturer guided the whole process. Three brands of K8003, K8009 and K7227H were produced. The switch between the brands was successfully realized, and the product performance indicators were qualified. This domestic catalyst trial saves more than 1 million yuan in cost compared with imported catalysts, laying a solid foundation for the application of domestic catalysts in the future. (Liu Rongyan Zheng Hongtao)



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