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FR-10,FR-20 Semi-regeneration catalyst

Product characteristics Fr-10 / Fr-20 reforming catalyst is a new generation semi-regenerative reforming catalyst prepared by advanced preparation technology. It has the following features:
The carrier phase purity is high, the pore distribution is concentrated, the structure is stable, the strength is high.
Compared with the catalyst used in industry today, the activity is comparable and the selectivity is better.
The rate of carbon deposition is significantly lower than that of industrial catalysts, the amount of carbon deposition reduced by more than 25%, with better stability, can be used for a long period.
Regeneration activity can be restored to fresh agent level.
Platinum content of the catalyst is the lowest, greatly reduce the cost of the catalyst.
Code FR-10/FR-20
Shape band extrusion
Spec.,mm Φ1.6×3-8
Specific surface, m2/g ≥180
Specific pore volume, ml/g 0.45-0.55
Bulk density,g/ml 0.72-0.76
Compressive strength,N/cm ≥100
Pt,m% 0.23±0.01
Re,m% 0.35±0.02
Cl,m% 1.30±0.30
Application It is suitable for medium and low pressure semi-regenerative fixed bed reformers to produce high-octane gasoline components or chemical aromatic products; it can be used alone or mixed with other reforming catalysts.
Packing Sealed and packed in special iron drum, with cloth bag inside and plastic bag, 130Kg/drum.
Storage & Notes ○ Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof, and strictly prohibit contact with other chemicals and hydrocarbons.
○ Do not drop or roll the iron bucket during transportation
○ The product can be shipped in oxidized or reduced state
○ Start-up and regeneration should strictly follow the instructions for use of FR-10/FR-20 catalysts, and should be carried out under the guidance of professional and technical personnel when necessary.
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