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GRS-16 refining startup Hydrogenation catalysts

Product characteristics GRS-16 reforming start-up catalyst is a new generation of single platinum component, fluorine and chlorine mixed acid component. At a lower reaction temperature, it has excellent naphtha dehydrogenation rate in naphtha; high purity of hydrogen produced ; Strong resistance to sulfur and water and other impurities; the catalyst has a concentrated pore distribution, stable structure and high strength; good regeneration performance, etc.
Code GRS-16
Shape 圓柱條
Spec.,mm Φ1.6×3-8
Specific pore volume, ml/g 0.45-0.55
Specific surface, m2/g ≥180
Bulk density, g/ml 0.72- 0.82
Compressive strength,N/cm ≥100
Pt/Al2O3, m% ≥0.5
Application It is suitable for the production of high-purity hydrogen by dehydrogenation of refined naphtha naphtha to meet the needs of hydrogen for the start of the reformer when there is no source of hydrogen when the semi-regenerative fixed bed reformer is started; or when there is no refined naphtha In the case of using crude naphtha as a raw material, the crude hydrogen produced by the reaction of the catalyst is first supplied to the hydrogenation unit as a hydrogen source to produce refined naphtha, and then refined naphtha is used as a raw material, using the catalyst The high-purity hydrogen produced by the reaction is used for reforming to start.
GRS-16 catalyst can be used in the oxidized state or in the reduced state. When the reduced catalyst is used, the hydrogen production effect is better.
Packing Closed tight in special iron drum lined with plastic bag, 140Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Avoid wter and moisture; no contact withother chemicals and hydrocarbon
○No throwing or rolling of iron drums when carrying them
○Products can leave factory in oxidized or reduced status
○Operate strictly in accordance with GRS-16catalysts' directions for use, and under the guidacne of prefessional technicians.



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