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Advantages of external regeneration method of hydrogenation catalyst The external regeneration method of the hydrogenation catalyst includes the steps of burning residual oil-burning sulfur-burning carbon-sieving. (If there are special requirements, the fluorine supplementation step can be added) Compared with the internal regeneration method, the external regeneration method has the following advantages :
○Good regeneration effect. The desulfurization and decarburization rate is high---the decarburization rate is about 5 percentage points higher than that of the internal regeneration; the desulfurization rate is about 10 percentage points higher than that of the internal regeneration; the activity recovery rate is high---under normal circumstances, The activity recovery rate is 10-15% higher than the internal regeneration
○External regeneration can shorten the maintenance cycle of the device and increase the effective operating days of the device
○After regeneration, the catalyst is screened, which greatly reduces the pressure drop of the catalyst bed.
○It is beneficial to reduce equipment corrosion and protect the environment. The sulfur-containing flue gas and sewage generated by external regeneration are treated by special facilities
○Quality is guaranteed. Before regeneration, samples of the raw materials are analyzed and evaluated to determine the regeneration operating parameters and ensure the maximum recovery of catalyst activity
○The regeneration process is easy to control, and no fly-over occurs
○Good technical and economic effect. Because the external regeneration is continuous operation, the time is short, the efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the activity recovery rate is high.
External regeneration control index of hydrogenation catalyst ○The average decarburization rate is ≥95%
○The average desulfurization rate is ≥90%
○Catalyst regeneration loss rate: Determined based on the analysis data of the catalyst strength, dust content, oil content, carbon content, and sulfur content before regeneration
Adaptability of external regeneration methods ○Suitable for the regeneration of all kinds of renewable hydrogenation catalysts (including hydrorefining, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, hydrogen condensation reduction, etc.)
○Suitable for the regeneration of all kinds of renewable chemical catalysts and Auxiliaries



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